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Fly a drone and explore the world
without leaving home
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Teledrone was invented for people who want to fly drones in a wide variety of locations worldwide without leaving home.
When teledroning you can truly experience locations you have always dreamt of visiting them.


  • Enjoy a large screen when flying
  • No sun glare on the screen
  • No setup required
  • Fly anytime, night or day
  • Fly regardless of the weather conditions
  • Explore various drone types
  • Fly from home
  • Explore the most exotic locations in the world
  • Easy to use
  • Explore a wide variety of flight locations
  • Never run out of battery
  • Receive your 4K video after the flight



Video quality is transmitted in HD quality so you can enjoy the world on your large screen


Using our proprietary technology there is virtually zero latency so it feels as if you are flying your personal drone


We offer a wide variety of the most exotic locations in the world to teledrone.


Simple and intuitive, anyone can teledrone.

Founding Team

Tal Fromchenko

Founder & CEO

I wanted to create a world with no boundaries so anyone can see the world and explore it with his own eyes.

Teledrone lets you see the most exotic locations in the world from a bird's view like never before

Arik Yavilevich

Founder & CTO

When I thought of teledroning the most important thing for me was to successfully convey the excitement of flying a drone.

I am happy to say that after endless R&D efforts of a great team we managed to develop Teledrone and it is truly amazing!
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